Participant Spotlight – Cameron

Pictured: Moe Life Skills participant, Cameron

During coronavirus / COVID-19 restrictions, we asked participants to share their stories to show others that they are not alone. This is Cameron’s story.

“Cameron misses Performing Arts at Moe Life Skills. He asks me often how much longer till he can see everyone.  On the 19th May, he was 21 but there was no big party because of the virus.  I promised Cam that as soon as the restrictions are over, I will ask the group to have a celebration at our home. I have lots of activities I know they would enjoy and Cameron was happy about that.” – Jenine, Cameron’s mum.

Happy 21st birthday Cameron from all of us at Moe Life Skills! We look forward to celebrating with you in style when the time comes!

If you have any stories you would like to share with our community or if you would like to join the Moe Life Skills family, get in touch with us on (03) 5127 7999 or email us at