Stories from Home – Week 1

Panoramic view of people in their apartments
‘Home’ is this week’s topic

With the Victorian Government reinstating restrictions as of yesterday, we thought you might enjoy some light reading from our participants who recently submitted entries to Dulcie Stone’s ‘Stories from Home’ project.

As a collaboration between VALID and Writers Victoria during the 2020 coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, participants were invited to share their experiences on weekly topics. The submission(s) below are from Moe Life Skills participants. Happy reading and be sure to let them know if you enjoyed it!

Theme: ‘Home’

Home by Georgia Green

Helping the neighbour with her bins
Making stickers
Cleaning my room
Making my bed
Getting the bins in
Set the table
Put the dishes in the dishwasher
Take the dog for a walk
Take the rubbish to the bin
Dry dishes
Put washing on the line
Getting the mail for the neighbour

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