Stories from Home – Week 3

Friends and neighbours socialising
‘Friends and Neighbours’ is the topic for week 3

The Dulcie Stone ‘Stories from Home’ writing project is a collaboration between VALID and Writers Victoria. During the 2020 coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, participants were invited to share their experiences through writing by submitting their responses to weekly topics. The submission(s) below are from Moe Life Skills participants. Happy reading and be sure to let them know if you enjoyed it!

Theme: ‘Friends and Neighbours’

Friends and Neighbours by Andrew Prior

My friends are Georgia, Josh, Paul and Chris.
They are kind, happy and friendly people.
We go out together for lunch sometimes.
I live in Moe and my friend’s do too.
I love my friends and family.
I love my pet cat Chewbacca.
I feed her dry food in the afternoon.

Friends and Family by Chris Bodley

While we were in Corona virus lock down I started to miss my family and my friends.
I could not visit my sisters.
Now that things have eased a little, I am able to go and visit them.
I got a little bit bored to start with, but then I decided to watch my DVD’s and play my game Crash Bandicoot Warped.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Life Skills soon.

One on One with My Neighbour by Georgia Green

In April
A Neighbour up the road, her husband died
He was our gardener
The funeral might be online, I think
I helped her with her bins
I collected the mail
I made a card with stickers
Last week we all visited
It’s a nice house
I visited again
We did colouring in
Had a cuppa
And we talked
I am going to see her Thursday

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