‘Stories from Home’ – Week 7

Week 7 – ‘Your Community’

‘Your Community’ was the topic for week 7 of Dulcie Stone’s ‘Stories from Home’ project. Check out entries from Moe Life Skills participants and their peers, and be sure to let them know if you enjoyed it!

My Community by Chris Bodley

In my community is my family and my friends, and I also have Moe Life Skills.

I enjoy going to Moe Life Skills because they help me with my learning and any problems I may have.

I like talking to my friends at Moe Life Skills.

I get a lot of help from my family.  I also like talking to my sisters.

My Community by Georgia Green

Every Friday night

But not since Corona, at the Moe RSL,

There is community

Being connected

Listening, talking

And making new friends

In Moe I feel safe and I like to walk

If anything happens, I just walk past the station and Moe Life Skills

I feel safe walking that way

And I know people keep an eye out for me

Since Corona there is a new way of community

On Zoom with my friends from Interchange

Talking, listening

Trivia nights and dancing to our favourite songs

I have started to volunteer again in my community

Soon there will be Breakfast Club

Sorting and serving out breakfasts

Where I make them stickers

And where they always talk to me

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