‘Stories from Home’ – Week 8

The Dulcie Stone ‘Stories from Home’ writing project is a collaboration between VALID and Writers Victoria. During the 2020 coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, participants were invited to share their experiences through writing by submitting their responses to weekly topics. The submission(s) below are from Moe Life Skills participants. Happy reading and be sure to let them know if you enjoyed it!

Theme: ‘Who and What You Love’

Week 8’s theme is ‘Who and What You Love’

Who and what I love (1) by Chris Bodley.

I love watching my DVD’s. The ones I love the best are “The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo”, “Romeo and Juliet” and David Attenborough’s documentaries.

I love reading books. My favourite book is “Geronimo Stilton”.

I love listening to music on You Tube. Some of my favourites are, “It’s In The Water Or The Blood” and “ King of the Road”.
I have a lot more things that I love doing.

Who and What I Love (2) by Chris Bodley

I love some sea creatures. The ones I like best are the Stone Fish, and I also like the Blue Ringed Octopus and the Box Jellyfish. I also like the Tiger Shark.

I love turtles. My favourite ones are the Loggerhead and the Hawksbill.

I love going to Australia Zoo to see the reptiles, such as snakes and the crocodiles.

Who and What I Love by Georgia Green

I love my family.

My Boyfriend Justin.

He’s handsome, he is caring and we share ideas.

And my interchange family.

They go for St Kilda like me.

I also love my cousins Sarah and Kerrie.

I love my dog Billy.

I take Billy for walks.

I love working at St Vinnie’s

And the Salvation Army Op Shops.

I Like doing Zoom meetings.

And I Like to meet different people in the Zoom Meetings.

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