My Favourite Holidays by Georgia Green

“I have had great experiences on my favourite holidays.

Sometimes I go down to Melbourne with my family to see my sister.

We go shopping when we catch up and I stay at my sister’s house for the weekend.

I also get to stay with my Interchange host family in Traralgon on some weekends.

I get to go out for lunches and we also go for drives together.

I went to Lakes Entrance for a holiday with my Mum and Dad.

We go for a walk on the beach. We also went to the Greek restaurant on one of the nights.

We also got to play mini golf.

I have also been on a holiday to Adelaide with my family for my cousin’s birthday.

We went to her party. We also went to Glenelg by tram. We walked to the beach and looked at the shops there.

We had a great time.”

By Georgia Green

Georgia has been working on this piece of writing through our Self Advocacy program with her support worker, Sarah. Let Georgia know if you enjoyed it!

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