In this section participants share their stories about their experiences with Moe Life Skills. Their stories detail how Moe Life Skills has enabled them to develop their skills in order to enjoy improved independence and social inclusion.

Angela joined Moe Life Skills in 2008. Initially she found it a challenge to go from a ‘school’ environment to an ‘adult’ environment. Since joining Moe Life Skills, Angela has developed into an accomplished artist under the tutelage of Moe Life Skills’ Mainstreet program amongst other things. Click to read more about Angela’s story!

Angela's Story

When Mick* came to Moe Life Skills in 2005 he was unable to participate in the community due to his behaviour. After joining Moe Life Skills…

Mick's Story

When Chris first joined Moe Life Skills in 2014 he was understandably shy and reserved. Since joining Moe Life Skills…

Chris’ Story

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