Photograph by Hayley Mills in the Latrobe Valley Express

Angela joined Moe Life Skills in 2008. Initially she found it a challenge to go from a ‘school’ environment to an ‘adult’ environment. Angela’s parents used to drop her off and pick her up at the same time each day, and she was resistant to changes to her daily schedule.

Since joining Moe Life Skills, Angela has developed into an accomplished artist under the tutelage of Moe Life Skills’ Mainstreet program. Her artwork has been entered and sold through art shows both in Gippsland and Melbourne including Festival of Light and Switchback Gallery at Monash University in 2014, and culminating in her own exhibition at ARC Yinnar in 2016. Through the encouragement of Moe Life Skills drama tutors, Angela has grown in confidence taking up major roles at the annual Moe Life Skills theatre product at Moe Town Hall. In addition to this she has been presenting to Monash University medical students since 2014.

Through Moe Life Skills, Angela has completed her Certificate I in Transition Education. She has developed life skills including independent living skills, travel travel training, healthy eating, cooking as well as technical skills such as learning how to use mobile phones, computers, Word and Powerpoint, the internet, email, Facebook.

Of Angela’s work experience with Moe Life Skills, she has completed a Barista course and works at Cafe 65 at Narracan Gardens. She has been involved in catering for meetings and functions, as well as working at the Albert Street Primary School canteen. For a year, Angela has also worked as cleaner for the Moe Hope Church.

The Angela today is more confident and flexible to change. She now walks everywhere including to Moe Life Skills at High Street and Parer Avenue, to Cafe 65 and Moe CBD. Angela has travelled on the train and bus locally using a myki card and fondly greets and chats to Moe Life Skills staff. We are very proud of your progress Angela and we look forward to working with you to further develop the necessary skills to achieve your goals and aspirations.

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