Chris Pic


Chris joined Moe Life Skills in 2014. He was shy and unsure of his new environment. Chris was initially reluctant to try new things and found it difficult to express himself but we knew it would only be a matter of time before he opened up.

Chris has undertaken a number of programs at Moe Life Skills including Drama which is his favourite. He says he enjoys singing and dancing the most. Chris has taken an active role on stage year after year at the annual theatre production at Moe Town Hall. Within a year of joining Moe Life Skills, Chris has presented to Monash University medical students every year since.

In addition to Drama, Chris has also attends Newsletter and works on improving his internet research, word processing and creative writing skills for Moe Life Skills’ The Voice newsletter.

Through taking Towards Independence, Chris is learning what it takes to live on his own through practical exercises such as healthy cooking. He is very familiar around the kitchen and helps with washing up and taking the bins out for example.  He is learning to travel on the train and bus locally with the help of staff.

In Advocacy class, Chris is learning about his rights, setting goals, and exercising choice and control. As a result of become more aware of his feelings, Chris is in more control of what he wants to do and often help others in his group. It is through this program Chris is working towards his long term goal of visiting Australia Zoo.

Of Moe Life Skills, Chris says “I like coming here. I like doing the programs because I’m learning different things all the time. The students here are my friends and that’s why I like coming here.”

Keep it up Chris, we’re so proud of how far you’ve come and look forward to working with you to achieve your goals!