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Kathryn first joined 6 years ago. Since joining Moe Life Skills has helped Kathryn come out of her shell and become independent. When she started at Moe Life Skills, Kathryn lived with her sister but now she lives independently. Kathryn played a very active role in lobbying for a safe crossing for everyone with the Moe Life Skills advocacy group along with Councillor Sharon Gibson. Kathryn is an active member of the community, volunteering at the Trafalgar and Moe Football clubs. Her goal for 2017 is to find a job.

What is your name?

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My hobbies is watching DVDs, I’ve got heaps of DVDs at my place. Playing the PlayStation 3 game, walking, going to the Newborough Rec Centre and seeing friends.

When did you join MLS?
About 6 years ago. (I joined) because the other day service wasn’t meeting my needs, not making me as an adult. My sister heard about MLS when she used to do personal care work and she said, “what about coming here?” So we met with Carole the CEO never looked back.

What were your goals when you first joined Moe Life Skills?
To meet people and come out of my shell a lot. Now I’m talking to a lot more people.

What classes do you do at Moe Life Skills?
I do Transition Ed and that’s nearly finished now, I’m on my last module. Transition Ed I think we did 7 or 10 modules it’s working on from one course to Work Ed. Learning how to get from somewhere, like here, to going out looking for work and doing modules like going on the computer and bit of health and a bit of everything, like life skills. We’re doing drama here and we’re putting on our production pretty soon. We’re doing it every Friday and we try to build up people’s skill in sticking up for their rights.

What is your favourite thing to do at Moe Life Skills?
Probably the drama, going on stage and being somebody else. (My favourite production was) probably The Woods because it’s a fractured fairy tale with a little bit of different fairy tales and mix it up. (I played) Grumpy from the Seven Dwarfs.

Is there anything you’d like to share about Moe Life Skills?
They look at people’s needs and wants and work from that and make them look at it and make them work for it and make them achieve it.

You moved out of home could you tell us a little about that?
About 4 years ago I moved out from my sisters, we were having a bit of trouble at the time and now 3-4 years down the track I moved out by myself. Sometimes if I need help I know Moe Life Skills can guide me on the right way to do it, not doing it for me but saying “what about trying this first?” and if that’s not working “what about trying it a different way?”

How are you finding living by yourself?
Really good, really, really fun to do, loving it. I did a cooking class here and it makes it so much easier. I learned how to make wraps and stir-fries, easy meals. I got a card for my electricity that I’ve got to pay every fortnight.

Can you tell us about the Having Your Say conference?
I did a PowerPoint presentation on myself, how I was living with my sister and then moved out. Then I talked about how I told my Dad and sister that I am gay and the relief that they were ok about it. I talked about how I volunteer at the footy canteen.

Can you tell us about your volunteering at the footy canteen?
I cook chips and put drinks in the drink fridge and serve people what they want for the food. I do it six months for the year during the footy season. The Traf one 95% of the time of their home games I go and serve and Moe probably 5 games because sometimes it clashes.

What are the goals that you want to achieve?
Find a work placement and do Work Ed next year and learning about that practical side of life.

Kathryn & Jen radio transcript – road safety campaign

What’s the issue you want to raise?
We’re having a campaign for road safety at MLS for High Street. [The roundabout] it’s a hazard, one of our fellow students had an accident late last year, at the blind corner at the roundabout coming down [to MLS on high street]. Very busy. Very hard to pedestrians to cross the street. Campaign to get some work done.

Is that part of the campaign?
Meeting on 19th [June 2015] with stakeholders – ourselves, Latrobe City, Councillors, taxi drivers, vic roads, we invited bus lines – community groups.

We handed out flyers to houses from MLS to languish street (?) on MLS side and other side to get feedback and only one person gave feedback – apparently she has children and willing to give time and write a letter to support [within 5 minutes of the flyer going into the letter box)

Any preconceived ideas or is it just a meeting to open up to find out whats the best solution?
We got some ideas [to solutions] but don’t know if were going down the right way. Some ideas are speed humps, or reduce the speed.

Fair to say vic roads or council thought there’s no issue there from their perspective?
I dont think so. I know i moved into high Street just before Christmas and I know there was heaps of traffic, speeding and speeding. I know it takes be 5 mins to cross high Street wherever I go [to cross].

How did you come up with the list of stakeholders?
As a group thinking who can be a part, and who be affected by the road, and who can put in to the road.

[Look in the papers to see what’s happening to see what people can do]

Note: Think it woudl take longer to find a resolution but next year 2016 a pedestrian crossing was insstaffl.