When Mick* came to Moe Life Skills in 2005 he was unable to participate in the community due to his behaviour. After joining Moe Life Skills…

…Mick started to attend group activities at Moe Life Skills but as a young man with a lot of energy to burn, it was soon evident that this was not suitable.

Following some discussions with Moe Life Skills’ CEO Dr Carole Broxham, staff and family members, a decision was made to change the delivery of his individual support package to include more one-on-one time with his support worker doing a mix of activities of his choosing within the community such as swimming, going to the pub, and music.

Since starting this new journey of choice and control, the change in Mick’s behaviour has been remarkable. Mick is out and about in the community doing the things he loves. He regularly challenges himself within his own self-directed activities such as attempting to beat his previous lap records at the pool. He is now a familiar face at the local pub where the locals have gone from strangers to his number one fans. The continued success of Mick’s journey can also be attributed to having the right staff, knowing when to sit back and when he needs a little encouragement.

Mick's Story